Player Shops

Player shops allow you to create your very own shop!
Often times paired with a nice player warp (Coming soon), shops are often times a wonderful source of income. Fellow crafters are able to visit your shop, purchase goods from your store, and even sell items to you at any time depending on how your store is constructed!

Creating a shop

↠ To begin creating your first shop, simply hold the item or stack of items you'd like to sell. Be sure to look at the chest you'd like to turn into a shop, and run the command:

/Shop Create <Price>

Replace the <Price> placeholder with the amount you'd like to charge.
Example for a $5 shop: /Shop create 5

/Shop remove

↠ Will remove the shop you are currently looking at.

/Shop price <price>

↠ Allows you to change a shop's price! Be sure you are looking at the shop you'd like to edit.

/Shop [buy or sell]

↠ Allows you to convert a shop to purchase good, or sell goods. ✔️ Shops which are "Selling goods" allow players to purchase from them. ✔️ Shops which are "Buying goods" allow players to sell items to them!

/Shop refill

↠ Allows you restock a shop with the item(s) or block(s) you are currently holding. A chat prompt will appear asking how many items you'd like to restock. Simply enter the number in chat!