Partner Requirements

User created content is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable parts of any community! As such, we have officially launched our very own partnership program!
Prerequisites 1. Minimum of 250 followers (Twitch) or 250 subscribers (Youtube) 2. Typical streams/videos must not be overly vulgar in nature. 3. Minimum of 1 Minecraft related stream per week, or 1 video per month. (Galaxy related stream once partnered.) 4. Potential partners must not have been banned, tempbanned, or jailed on Galaxy. 5. Potential partners must be active members of Galaxy's community. Expectations You: will clearly display somewhere on your channel / page our community's logo, which must link to our website. We: will automatically post in our Discord each time you go live or post a new video! You: will promote select content provided prior to certain streams or videos. (New features, announcements, and more!) We: will provide unique / exclusive content for your channel / page only! (New features, Announcements, sneak peaks, server funded giveaways, random challenges with global rewards and more!)