Getting Started

Everyone starts somewhere. Why not here?

Welcome to our server!

Upon your first time joining our server, you'll notice you have been equipped with a starter kit containing various iron tools and armor, as well as some food! Use these materials to start your adventure.


Are you new to Minecraft in general?If so, please click here.
The main menu provides players and staff with a quick, easy to use location where all features, information and statistics can be accessed. We highly recommend everyone checks it out as soon as possible as it contains most, if not all of our features!
Visit our primary website for access to our update information, donation information, discord link, and more!


What is it?

Minecraft is a sandbox game, in which you wander around the world, collecting resources and using items. To get an advantage, you need to master the control system. If you are having trouble with it, you may want to start a single player game with a peaceful mode world to practice.


Surviving in Minecraft requires a knowledge of the game's combat mechanics. Without a tool in the player's hand, any attack deals 1 health point (♥) of damage.
Tools in general do a lot more damage. Swords do make the best weapons, followed closely by axes. Pickaxes do less damage, and shovels do the least. Hitting a creature with a sword uses up 1 point of its durability, while using any other tool uses up 2 points of the tool's durability. When a creature is hit, it turns red for a half second, marking its "invulnerability period". A second attack in this time does no damage.

Items and inventory

Picking a loose item up is as simple as walking over or near the item. To drop the item in your hand, use the "throw" key, which defaults to Q. The item gets tossed two or three blocks in the direction you are looking. In multiplayer, you can use this to give an item to another player — just throw the item toward them and they naturally pick it up.


Also on your inventory screen is a 2×2 arrangement of squares. This is your inventory crafting grid. Here you can take some of the items you've collected and turn them into new items. Below the crafting grid is the Recipe Book icon, which provides assistance with remembering and using crafting recipes. You do not actually need to use the Recipe Book, but for a beginning player, it can be very helpful in finding out what your options are, and even for advanced players, it adds a bit of convenience. In general, you learn new recipes automatically when you pick up or craft a key item for the recipes in question.

Your First Single Player Adventure

As the first day begins, you need to collect logs. First, you should look around for trees, and go toward any you find. Punch them until they break. You need to collect at least 5-8 logs for your first round of tools and items. The first thing to make is a crafting table, followed by a few sticks. The first tool you should craft is a wooden pickaxe. Crafting other wooden tools is not recommended, as you can quickly get cobblestone and make stone tools.
If any stone blocks are exposed close by, you can mine them with your new pickaxe to collect about 20 blocks of cobblestone. This is the amount you need to create every basic tool needed for a beginner. A stone sword, pickaxe, axe, shovel and a furnace. While you're doing this, keep an eye out for coal ore, and mine any you find. Depending on the position of the stone blocks, mining them might well make you a mini-cave to spend the night in, otherwise keep an eye out for possible places to live!
Once you have found a place to live, we recommend you get a stone axe, and try to get more logs as time allows. Extra logs are useful in many ways, such as building, crafting, securing your base and much more. If you have difficulty finding coal, you definitely want an extra dozen or more logs to burn or make charcoal! With coal or charcoal, you can also make torches for the night.

Begin your travels!

Now that you've gathered basic materials, found a safe location to live, and equipped yourself with useful tools, it's time to begin exploring!
If you are playing on our server, we highly recommend you continue through this guide to learn more about the multiplayer experience. On servers, commands are offered which allow players to access helpful & fun features! A great example is the /Sethome command which saves a location such as a home which can then be teleported to at anytime!